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    Man life can be such a drag right? Well that's part of what life is a big kick in the butt. Well for me one day it was indeed a big old kick in the rear. My name is Alex I am 17. I am a short guy for my age I told one guy I was part Irish and now I am the, "Fluffy Leprechaun." The reason for the fluffy part is because my hair grows so thick it gets fluffy and curly. I would classify myself as a red head but I am on the brink its an almost strawberry blonde color.
    But I was on my computer on Facebook playing some games killing some time until I had to leave for school. Then a buddy of mine I hadn't talked to in a while started a chat his name was Sean. A couple of years ago we were friends growing up but he moved to New York and we lost touch since. But it wasn't just him but my other buddy Arthur too. We all hung out before but we got separated.

    We chatted for hours. Just for me to find out they each had their own instance of turning into dragons.

    "Wait. You both are dragons now?!" I asked to make sure.

    "Yup." They both replied.

    "Man you guys were always lucky. While you guys got turned into dragons I got to live a normal life." I told them.

    "Honestly I think your luckier than I am. I didn't want to be a dragon I joked around and got forced into leaving my family and friends behind." Arthur explained to me.

    "I agree with Arthur about the you being lucky part. I mean wasn't it you that survived a head first sliding collision with a wall going like what 20 mph. And didn't get a single broken bone not even a scratch." Sean reminded me.

    "Yeah I guess that's true. But still I would kill to be a dragon. I may not be able to draw one like Arthur can but I have read a lot about them." I reminded them.

    "Quick question since some guys looking for guinea pigs are probably monitoring our chat on this topic how would you like to be transformed?" Sean asked me making sense about being monitored. We were on Facebook after all.

    "Well for me I guess I would prefer the less painful way and go with costume. I mean either way it was going to be painful none the less right." I replied.

    "Oh you have no idea." Arthur joked.

    "Its true my way was so painful I blacked out from the pain." Sean told us.

    "Lucky I was awake the entire time. I felt like my body was on fire frozen then set on fire again." Arthur replied to his comment.

    "Anyway. Alex would you really kill to be a dragon?" Sean asked to confirm.

    "Not really. But I would do almost anything to become either a dragon or a fox." I replied. Then a friend of Sean's popped in.

    "What about a Dragox?" Bryan said.

    "WTF are you talking about?" We all asked.

    "A Dragox. A dragon fox. it's a combination of a fox and a dragon. It would have the fur of a fox. Like its face and chest would be that of a fox. While the hands and feet would be that of a dragon. But it would also have the wings of a dragon." Bryan explained.

    "What about the tail they both have very distinct tails? A dragon has a powerful and flexible tail while a fox has a soft and almost hypnotic tail." I told him

    "That's the best part you would have both." Bryan replied.

    "Ok that makes no sense whatsoever." I told him.

    "Sure it does look at kitsunes they have multiple tails." Bryan argued.

    "Oh good point. Man I hate it when he is right." I replied.

    "We all do." Sean answered. After that I decided if I could be transformed it would be either into a dragon, fox, or the Dragox Bryan mentioned. We chatted for another five hours just joking around about things like politics, the Toyota Prius and talking about good music. Which I thought it was odd how Arthur, Sean, and I all agreed that A day to remember was a good band. But Bryan was big into country not that I have a problem with country I just don't get into it like most would think from a Kentucky boy.

    After a while I noticed the time it was 7:25 A.M I was up and on at 1:00 A.M from another day of restless sleep. I said my goodbyes and left for school I grabbed my backpack and my car keys. And I hopped in my '98 Royal blue Chevy Silverado truck. When school let out I raced home so I could get on Skype and chat with my girl while she was near a hot spot somewhere in the country. I got home to a surprise there was a package in my room. Like the FedEx crew managed to get in a place it neatly on my bed.

    "What the hell?" I whispered. Before I opened it I needed to get a shower in. When I got out I put on some grey sweat pants and just forgot about my shirt. "Now what is inside I wonder" I said out loud as I pulled out my bald eagle pocket knife. I tore the tape and opened the box. To my surprise there was nothing in it. Then I noticed a card on the right side. I took and opened it. It read:

    "Dear Alex,
     Don't be alarmed I am only here to make your dreams come true. So just relax and let things happen naturally.

                            -The Dragox"

    "OK. I guess Sean sent this as a prank to get my hopes up." I said as I blew my hair out of my eyes. I was still roaming my house shirtless. I logged on to Skype just in time my girl just got on. We talked for what seemed like hours. She had long shoulder length blonde hair. But she was both book and street smart. Her name was Chelsea. She had these deep blue eyes. She was wearing a white tank top. Then after about thirty minutes she looked intrigued by something. I turned and saw something on the ground in the corner straight from me. I couldn't tell what it was it looked like a big mess though. "Chelsea I will talk to you later. OK."

    "OK. Be careful doll." She told me as she blew me a kiss.

    "This coming from the girl that got wasted at her own house party." I joked.


    "Whatever. Later Chelsea." I said as I logged out of Skype. I walked into the living room to watch some good old UFC. As I walked past the corner I heard something rustle. "So your what was inside the box." I said as something tried to leap onto me but I ducked when I felt the air rush. Then I saw it was a latex costume. I went over to it thinking it was ok to touch just not to put on. It was all the colors of fire. From what I could see the gloves and the chest had flames on the skin. Like the area around it was a red orange but was yellow in the middle. The arms had scales but only up to the elbows same for the feet it had dragon legs up to its knees that's where fur replaced it. It was amazing how detailed it was. But still frightened how it was able to move.

    "Guess its ok to grab now since it couldn't move anymore." I told myself. I reached for it when its arms grabbed my hand. It pulled itself up to look at my face. All I saw was an empty mask where a face would go but the suit made a creepy facial expression like it was showing the "Oh hey don't worry this will only hurt… a lot" face. It twirled me around so my back was towards it. Then the arm that was still holding my right arm started to open and suck in my arm. I tried to fight it but my left arm was already in the suits arm sleeve. Next was my feet I felt them tingle only to find out the whole time I was thinking my legs were already in the suit.

    Then the chest part of the suit opened and my chest was pushed in by my own arms like for the moment I had no control over my body. The suit then proceeded to zip up the chest. When it was zipped up the zipper dissolved into the suits skin or at least it was the suit's skin now it was mine. Then the suit put the hood on my head. The suit wasn't that big on me just about a few inches. But I was trying to fight the suit from putting the hood on me but it was no use I had no control over my arms. Before I knew it the hood was on and locked in place by Velcro which then vanished so I couldn't remove the hood. Then when it was clear I was trapped in the suit it let me have control of my body again.

   "Hello Alex. Now I can start the fun part." A voice said in my head.

   "Who the hell are you and what the hell do you think your doing?!" I shouted in anger.

   "No need for such anger I am Clask the Dragox. And I am a suit made to help you realize your dreams. Now I suggest relaxing other wise this will only get worst for you." Clask warned me. I took a few deep breathes to help me relax. And to my surprise it worked after about three deep breaths. "OK your ready."

   "Huh? I didn't feel a thing." I thought out loud. I stood up and saw the costume sprouted dragon wings. The bones were yellow while the membrane in between each was red. My chest pretty much looked like it was on fire from its colors. Pretty much my hands were still the same, well sort of I still had thumbs so that was a bonus. But they were now yellow while my feet only had three digits and the scales there was red. Then I looked behind me and saw I had two tails a furry fox tail that was orange all the way to the tip but near the tip my tail actually looked like it was on fire I almost freaked out. But then I noticed that my fur as it moved the flames pattern did to which I thought was cool. Then I saw my dragon tail it was just as long as the fox one only it was faster to move and it was more flexible. It was pretty much the same orange color as my chest. It pretty much had flame streaks going up it.
   I still had my memories from before the suit but now I had a new start to a new life.   
   "I'm guessing now my name is Clask isn't it."

   "Right on the nose." Clask informed me but I knew Sean and them would still call me Alex. Then I heard a crash come from my room. I raced to my room and saw that Sean was sent to get me and he obviously hadn't got the hang of landing yet cause he crashed right through my sliding door.

   "What you couldn't use the front door." I joked. As he looked at me he new it was me. He gave me a big hug. We chatted for a bit then I packed up my computer and we headed out to the place where Arthur and them were all living. And I have yet to inform Chelsea mainly cause she took Judo, I call her and tell her what happened yeah I going to be staying away from her. Because she is so going to kick my butt over it, I just need some time to make up an excuse why it happened. My parents already know, but Chelsea doesn't and for now that's good enough to keep me from the possibility of being put into a judo hold.

This is something i did in my free time. After calming down after my little brother almost ruined my scythe from before.
NanoCarp0 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This kind of feels like your committing one of the "Sins of Writing" that I've discovered in my time as writer. "Thou shall not extend a oneshot without a proper plot." This causes serious decline in the quality of the work, as I'm noticing here.
sonicexcel Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
then again your reading my first pieces i was just starting out realizing i had more writing talent than i ever will drawing skills also in case you hadnt noticed with you going backwards they all nearly connected
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