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   "Come on Julia!!" I yelled as me and Julia were running through the forest trying to escape the Mist Dragons chasing us. They were shadow dragons. Their looked like small dragons but their bodies were covered in a black mist to make them look like they were just air with blood red eyes. And not even normal blood red almost demon blood red.

   "I'm running as fast as I can Derek!" Julia shouted at me. My name is Derek I am an average 16 year old. I have silky long blonde hair. I was wearing one of my best short sleeve polo shirts. With blue jeans and backpack on my back with supplies.. My good friend Julia was same age and she was wearing a red blouse with white jogging pants. We both had tennis shoes on.

   The Mist Dragons were fast. But for some reason we kept a pretty big gap between us. Which was odd since I knew for a fact we were slowing down. But just as we were reaching a clearing a strange black gunk shot at us. We stopped as the gunk hit a nearby tree and we heard the tree start to smoke where the liquid hit it. We gasped as we saw why the Mist Dragons that were behind us didn't take us sooner.

   "They planned this!" I growled as we became encircled by the misty shadows.

   "So what now we fight?" Julia asked as we stood back to back. I reached into my bag and pulled out two pairs of nunchucks and handed one of them to Julia.

   "That answer your question?" I replied. Now me and Julia are really good friends and not only that but we are also self defense teachers. Together we teach Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do. I'm better at kickboxing than Julia but she better than me at Tae Kwon Do. And after awhile of teaching classes together Julia and I quickly became more than just real good friends but a couple.

    From what I could tell there was a grand total of 50 Mist Dragons circling us. Julia rushed the ones she was facing. But before I could stop her the Mist Dragons closed the gap so I couldn't chase after her. I fought as best I could considering I was tired from the long run. I kept the nunchucks spinning ready to strike every time. After about ten minutes I finally reached my limits.

   I fell onto my left knee in exhaustion. I was breathing heavily and not only that beads of sweat was flowing off my face. I got up for another go around. I had only managed to take out about 5 or 10 of them. Then the silence was broken by a sound I didn't want to hear.

   "DEREK!!!" Julia screamed followed by a scream of pain. I turned to see what was going on. But as I turned I felt a sudden pain in my right wrist. What I saw was a Mist Dragon had bitten my arm right on the vein in my wrist. I slung my arm as hard as I could to get it off. Just to see that I wasn't bleeding but in fact it was like it injected me with some venom or something. I watched as the veins and arteries in my body glowed with the same black color as the Mist Dragons. Then when they were all glowing I felt my skin begin to burn.

   I fell to my knees in pain as I saw my own skin start to boil like water on a stove top. The pain was so fierce I couldn't help but scream as my skin turned black and began to harden into a crust as if I were grilling burgers on a charcoal grill only now I was the burger. As my skin hardened I grew stiff until I couldn't move my body. While my body was stuck and couldn't move I still had my senses.

   But right when I thought the worst was over I was dead wrong. I felt like my now statue like body was a cocoon for something bigger. I felt something growing in my chest and it wanted out. Then I saw the crust on my hands begin to break apart to reveal white claws where my hands were. The crust continued to break apart like it was dust to reveal more white scales like the ones on my hands…or my claws? I felt like parts of my body were breaking free from the crust but when I tried to lift my right hand I lifted the right claw.

   "WHATS HAPPENING TO ME?!!" I wondered as my the crust on my face flew off my face. When my entire body was free of the black crust that imprisoned me. I tried to stand up on my two feet but quickly realized it was impossible now. I looked at my body now to see I was some sort of over grown lizard only I was lacking a tail. But I didn't care I took one step and then the same pain from before shot through my body again.

   I felt my spine extending and when I looked behind me I saw a long white tail with an odd feather tip sprout from my rear. Then I felt a sharp pain in my shoulders I couldn't help but start screaming in pain. I watched as two new appendages sprouted from my shoulders just to see that they were a pair of feathered wings. Just as I let out a sigh of relief the pain shot into my neck as my neck begun to extended I could hear my neck cracking as it got longer. Then when it was over I watched as my mouth and nose form a muzzle.

   When the pain finally subsided I looked down at the ground and started breathing heavily. When I looked up I saw the Mist Dragons getting closer to me. I reared up on my hind legs and let out a ferocious roar just as I flapped my wings once. And with one flap of them I let out a gust strong enough to send the Mist Dragons that were in front of me flying into the trees and vanished into dust. I dropped back on all fours and twisted my neck to see the remaining few of them right behind me. I used my new tail to smack them all in one swipe into the trees.

   When they were all gone I took another look at my body.

   "I'm a DRAGON!!" I shouted in shock as I realized it. Then I remembered Julia screaming in pain. I turned to run to see what happened but to my surprise I saw another dragon. This one looked exactly like me only this one was black. I ran up to it to see that it was a she. I stayed a good distance away. "Julia?" I asked looking at the black dragon from behind.

   When she turned and looked me dead in the eyes I couldn't help but gasp at the sight of her eyes. Her eyes were pure demonic blood red. Just like those monsters that just vanished. As she walked to me I walked back.

   "Whats the matter? Not happy to see your girlfriend?" the dragon asked in Julia's voice but with an echo of another more evil female voice behind it.

   "Your not Julia! Who are you?!" I shouted in anger at the dragon that was using Julia like a pair of clothes. Only it was Julia's mind trapped in that body.

   "Oh. Don't worry she is still in here but I find her a bit too weak to use my body to its full potential." the dragon said still in Julia's voice. I couldn't fight her not if Julia was still inside. My mind was racing trying to figure out how to fight her without actually hurting Julia. I dodged every shot the dragon tried. And I managed to keep from getting hit until my back was against a tree.

   "Julia fight her!" I shouted hoping that would work but all it did was made the dragon laugh at the attempt.

   "Well I guess my brother was wrong to chose you." the dragon said as she reared up on her hind legs and held her claws out ready to slash at me. But I was waiting for it I used the tree as a support to leap at the female dragon and held her to the ground.

   "Julia! Look at me!! Its me Derek! Please fight her!!" I yelled as I held the female dragon to the ground. And to my surprise it worked I saw the eyes beginning to fade and reveal the ocean blue eyes I knew to be Julia's.

   "Derek?" she asked in her normal voice.

   "Julia." I exhaled as I got off of her. She rubbed against me since we didn't have hands anymore. I folded my left wing over her and held her close.

   "I guess I was right about your will. You are a willing host." I heard in the back of my mind. But I ignored it as me and Julia walked off now as a dragon couple.

Ok i started this story Saturday but thanks to the Regional Competitions i had to go to that day i never was able to finish it. This story was the original story i was thinking of but i wasnt entirely sure about. :iconunsureplz:

This story was made for :icondragonrider55: who requested it. I said i would do a dragon TF for her and here it is. The only real specific she requested was no red dragons. So i enjoyed this one.

TreverPryde Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012
Blood is maroon... Demon blood would be? Touching truly touching... Did their mother not tell them to stay close to camp
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